This site aims to inform and mobilize Beverly parents to take an active role in all issues related to the funding and operation of the city's schools. It was launched in the spring of 2008, when the city saw its first-ever override attempt fail, followed by the closure of a nearly-new elementary school. Subsequent years have seen further cuts that have led to larger class sizes across the district. While the opening of an impressive new high school and plans to replace the city's aging middle school give us reason to be optimistic, the school community must be ever vigilant in demanding appropriate school funding by city and state governments, and better community communications from the district and School Committee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Panther Reigns at New BHS

While this has little or no significance compared to the serious issues facing the district in the next few years, the BHS logo debate was a media sensation earlier this spring, and because of our personal involvement with the project, we thought it worth sharing the final result with you. This is the actual terrazzo panther logo, which is currently being installed at the new high school.

The logo was precast offsite, and is shown here in position in the new school's lobby. The terrazzo flooring that has already been set in other areas of the building will be poured in the area around the logo, and then polished smooth.