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Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Proposed Budget Released

Superintendent Hayes has released the final FY11 Proposed Budget. The 49-page document is also up on the district website with the following letter of explanation.

The Public Hearing for the FY11 Budget is scheduled for Thursday, May 27, 2010, at 7 PM in the Memorial Building Auditorium. The budget proposal is found on our Administration webpage and printed copies may be obtained at my office in the Memorial Building. This budget document is much more extensive than what people have seen at previous budget meetings in that it combines the complete listing of all accounts combined with narrative explanations of what the numbers mean.

At the Hearing, I will be providing a brief overview of the budget proposal and then citizens will have an opportunity to express their views or ask questions. While the budget presented is a balanced budget, the School Committee has not taken a final position on the elements in the budget. No date has been set yet for when that final approval will take place, but this Hearing is your opportunity to express your opinion to the Committee.

Under the School Choice program, residents from outside Beverly may request to enroll their child in a Beverly school. Such decisions are also based on enrollment. Under this state program, Beverly is obligated to educate such students through to High School graduation. If they are accepted for an elementary placement, they may request a particular school, and generally they enroll at the school they request. However, their guarantee is that we will educate them; they are not guaranteed a specific school.
The budget states that the equivalent of 31.6 full-time positions have been cut throughout the district including 6.7 district positions, 13.5 elementary, 4.6 middle school, and 6.8 at the high school.
The public will have a chance to speak on topics related to the budget this Thursday at 7:00 at the Memorial Building auditorium.

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