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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hannah as ECC Plan Floated

Word on the street today is that the district is again considering a plan to convert one of the elementary schools (this time, the Hannah School) to an Early Childhood Center. The plan would likely be similar to the original 2008 proposal that would have made Cove the home of all the district's kindergarten and preschool students, with the other grades housed in the remaining four schools.

An email went out to all Hannah parents at 3:30 this afternoon from Principal Susan Snyder asking them to attend a meeting Monday evening regarding the FY11 budget to be led by Dr. Hayes and Dr. Galinski. There were no other details in the email, but reports say some teachers were informed of the potential plan this afternoon.

The last public report on the FY11 budget showed a gap of over $700,000 after an initial round of cost savings moves. But that budget was based on a level funding of local aid from the state, and since that time, the legislature has announced that local aid would be cut an additional 4%.

Hannah was briefly considered as an alternative location for the ECC in 2008, but the building was deemed too small to serve this function. Mayor Scanlon ultimately came up with an alternate plan that resulted in the closing of the McKeown school, but scuttled (or maybe postponed) the ECC plan.

All Hannah parents should plan to attend the Monday evening meeting at 7:00 pm. where further details will be announced.

We have asked Dr. Hayes for confirmation and any further details he can provide before Monday's meeting.

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