This site aims to inform and mobilize Beverly parents to take an active role in all issues related to the funding and operation of the city's schools. It was launched in the spring of 2008, when the city saw its first-ever override attempt fail, followed by the closure of a nearly-new elementary school. Subsequent years have seen further cuts that have led to larger class sizes across the district. While the opening of an impressive new high school and plans to replace the city's aging middle school give us reason to be optimistic, the school community must be ever vigilant in demanding appropriate school funding by city and state governments, and better community communications from the district and School Committee.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Final Mayoral Debate Tonight

There will be a candidate forum tonight at the Centerville Improvement Society, at 437 Essex St. at 7 pm. This will be the last chance to hear Mayor Scanlon, and challenger John Burke debate the issues, including the schools. As was the case at their last joint appearance, sparks often fly when the two are together.

This is a very important election for the schools, and is expected to be the toughest Mayor Scanlon has faced since he won back his seat from Thomas Crean 6 years ago.

The two were on opposite sides of the two most important recent school issues: the new high school, and the trash fee, which indirectly is the funding source that keeps the Cove School open as an elementary school. Burke opposed both.

The forum will also feature the 5 candidates for the Councilor at Large positions, and the Ward 6 candidates.


John said...

Please edit your comments about the Cove School. I did vote in favor of keeping Cove School open. Please go back and check your archives. Thank you.

Also, I do not support mortgaging our children's futures and adversely affecting the quality of their education inside the classroom by adding to the debt service which today cripple's our city's ability to fully fund education. Our students deserve better. They deserve smaller class sizes and quality teachers, not excessive bricks and mortar which have been replacing both of those needs. There is a noteworthy irony in the fact that those who called the Mayor's actions "government manipulation at its worst" and a form of "extortion" now call publication of those comments unethical. Your pwn website republished those comments and articles too

I was the first councilor to oppose closure of the McKeown Elementary School when it was first proposed by the previous Superintendent in a letter sent via students' backpacks.

I understand that readers and publishers of this site care about education, but posting a link to the Mayor's low-class and low-brow web-hosted attempt to smear my childhood does not represent that commitment. I am committed to serving the future generation of Beverly students even without this group's political endorsement

John Burke

jhall said...


It's true that you voted for the final budget that included funding for the 5 schools in 2008. What we stated was that you voted against the trash fee, which is a key element in the continued funding of the 5 schools.

We were careful not to mention the part of the Truth for Beverly website that discussed the incident you refer to. We agree that should not be relevant to the election, and would have preferred that the Mayor not include that. We also clearly said that the site was negative in nature. We did feel that there was a lot of useful information that we agreed with regarding fiscal issues, and the the anonymous letter incident is relevant.

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