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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Both High School Low Bidders Disqualified

UPDATED 11/21: The Salem News reports today that BOTH of the low bidders on the high school project have been disqualified. Yesterday's Beverly Citizen had reported only that the lowest bidder, Brait Builders, had been bounced from the project. [see Comment below from the Citizen]

Brait was disqualified by the state Attorney General's office because it "didn’t have enough experience with projects the size of Beverly High School to qualify it to bid on the project."

The next lowest bidder, a joint venture of J & J Contractors Inc. and SMI of Lowell, was disqualified because the joint venture was formed too late in the process.

CTA Ventures Inc. of Boston, the 3rd lowest bidder with a bid that was $1.3 million higher than Brait's, now becomes the lowest qualified bidder.

Mayor Scanlon says he will now move to sign a contract with CTA. The additional funding will come from the money included in "contingency costs" within the current $81.5 million dollar budget.

“It would simply leave less money for change orders and surprises,” Scanlon said.

The City Council is still awaiting a written confirmation from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), on the final amount that the state will pay toward the project, before taking a final vote on the appropriation.

The Salem News report today also states that the MSBA is scheduled to meet on Monday, at which time it should make the exact reimbursement amount official.

The city has until December 3rd to sign a contract.


Kirk said...

Dear John (and other blog readers),
This is Bobby Gates, who wrote the Citizen article referenced in this blog post. After reading your blog entry I went back and checked the original bids. I had used the AG office's decision as the basis of my story only to realize that they had made two typos in the bid amounts in its decision. Both typos signifigantly altered the rankings of the bids from highest to lowest and changed the calculation of the difference between the lowest original bid and the lowest acceptiable bid after the protest decision.
The AG had said Brait was $65,589,000 when it was actually $65,890,000 and CTA was listed by the AG as $66,900,000 when it was actually $66,990,000. The Brait error means the diffence between the lowest original bid and now the lowest accptible bid is less than the story indicated. It also means that the two lowest bids were thrown out, not the lowest and third lowest, as it would have seemed from the AG list. The correct numbers show that Brait and J&J/SMI were the two lowest. I apologize and thanks for pointing it out on here. I am in the process of correcting the online story and it will be straight for this week's print edition.

jhall said...

Thanks for clarifying, Bobby. Let me know when you've updated the online story & I'll put a note in the main post

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