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Monday, November 17, 2008

First FY10 Budget Meeting

The School Committee will meet this Wednesday to discuss the FY10 budget forecast. The meeting will include a recap of the budgeted amounts for FY09 and the forecast for FY10, employing some assumptions and projections.

For those that want to follow the process closely from the start in what is sure to be another difficult budget year, this is an important meeting to attend. We will report regularly on where things stand with next year's budget.

The meeting will be at held this Wednesday, November 19th in the meeting room at the Memorial Building (room 164). Finance and Facilities meets at 6:30, followed by the Committee of the Whole at 7:30.

The school committee meeting schedule for the rest of the year can be found here.

School Committee contacts can be found here.

11/18 UPDATE: Today's Salem News reports some early budget figures:

Hayes put together his predictions, which are more of a guesstimate at this point. But the bottom line is the shortfall (yes, there's still a shortfall) looks like it's under $1 million, and much of it reflects an anticipated 7 percent decrease in state aid.

It still means making cuts, but probably not closing a school. And Hayes said he budgeted conservatively. So although it could get worse, it could also get better.

The article also, we believe incorrectly, reports that the budget meeting at Memorial is tonight. As far as we know it is tomorrow night, as reported above.

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