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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School's In: Report from Hannah

First day back with the new elementary school configuration. The extra fifty or so kids at Hannah were certainly noticeable, with cars parked in every nook and cranny available in both the main, and back entrance, as well as most neighborhood streets.

The walk down Montserrat and Big Rock Lane, the preferred route for both cars AND walkers from the Montserrat area, as well as the redistricted Cove neighborhoods, was pretty hairy. Anybody up for pushing for car restrictions on this route in the morning, especially considering there are no sidewalks?

We spotted Dr. Hayes leaving the scene, hopefully taking in the madness at the school. On the playground, there were definitely more kids that we've ever seen.

Certainly some of this was due to normal first day of school craziness, with more than the normal number of parents and cars, so it will be interesting to see how things go, but its pretty clear that the already congested situation will be that much worse with all the extra kids.

Please add reports from the other schools as a comment below.

9/4 UPDATE: Beverly Citizen Columnist Shimon Soferr also has a report from opening day at Hannah.

Thanks to photographer and Hannah parent Brian Lewandowski for the new photo in the banner above of Hannah School.


family4 said...

We, too, had our first day at Hannah yesterday. We are Cove ex-pats and are familiar with the traffic issues in the area so we left early. Or so we thought. It took us ten minutes to go from East Lothrop to the Kindercare building on Brimbal Ave where we finally pulled over and parked. Sadly, I saw no crossing guards at the intersection of Essex Street and Parramatta/Lakeshore,nor at the railroad tracks. I have to hope that Dr. Hayes will help sort out the traffic issues and not leave it up to Ms. Snyder who no doubt has her hands full within the building. I hope that the traffic issues can be addressed in a meaningful way before someone gets hurt.

As a family, we are excited to become a part of the Hannah School community and look forward to getting to know other families. Aside from the logistical nightmare that was the morning drop off, we have had great experiences with Ms. Snyder, staff, teachers, and families.

mermaidmarian said...

Dear Family4:

I am happy to hear that your experiences, save for the logistical problems related to morning drop off and mid day pick up, have been positive for you and your family at Hannah School, as they have been for us.

Some information regarding the crossing guards for you and other readers: The current crossing guard assignments are 1 guard at the intersection of Corning and Essex; 1 guard at the intersection of Colon and Brimbal; 1 guard at the crosswalk at Big Rock and Brimbal; and 1 guard at the crosswalk at Palmer and Brimbal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns regarding this matter. I hope you and your children continue to have a very positive experience at your new elementary school home.

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