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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Open Enrollment Deadline Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for open enrollment. Speaking to this, and other issues with regard to the current redistricting plan, Dr. Hayes has posted a new note on the Administration website. Some of it is exherpted below:

On June 12th, the School Committee approved a budget for next year which incorporates a redistricting plan that I submitted to them on the 10th. Final approval of the FY09 budget is in the hands of the City Council who will vote on June 26th. Anticipating an approved budget, the school administration has begun moving forward to plan for next year. Specifically we are assigning teachers and students for next year's classes and making other logistical plans such as moving of furniture and planning changes in bus transportation.

The deadline for submitting a request for Open Enrollment is Friday, June 20th. Applications are in the form of a letter identifying the request and the reasons. Requests for personal conversations or meetings related to the application will not be honored so as to keep the process fair and consistent. Decisions on Open Enrollment requests will not occur until late July and will be made in a manner consistent with the five objectives defined above [these are the same objectives detailed in his previous note]. Given the volume of requests, it is likely that not all requests will be granted.

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