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Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Cuts Coming

According to today's Boston Globe, there is still about a $450,000 shortfall, based on the most recent projections, on the 5-school plan.

School Committee President Annemarie Cesa tells the Globe "There's going to be additional cuts."

Dr. Hayes was originally slated to discuss the budget with the City Council tomorrow night, but that meeting has been moved to next Monday, June 16th, to allow the School Committee more time to work out the details, and make any further cuts that are necessary.

The Globe story quotes Dr. Hayes as saying "It's devastating on a variety of levels; In the long run, we face a problem that is not erased by this; the problem is our expenses are rising faster than our revenues."

There is still considerable talk in the press about the Superintendent's original 4+2 plan, suggesting that plan is still considered an active option by some, even though it was voted down by the School Committee.

In a Beverly Citizen story posted Friday afternoon, City Council President Tim Flaherty said the council will be weighing the implications of both plans.

School Committee member James Latter, who favored the original plan, but voted in favor of both plans, suggested at the time that he did so in part because "From a parliamentary viewpoint, if the 5-school plan ends up not being viable, only a member who voted in the majority can move for a reconsideration of a previously decided vote, and since I voted for the majority I have reserved the right to do so."

Latter has since said he does not consider the 5-school plan sustainable beyond next year.

We are awaiting word on what School Committee meetings will take place this week.

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