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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More 5-School Stats

One more document has been posted today on the School Administration site, that includes an analysis of class sizes and free & reduced population. All these numbers relate to the redistricting plan that Dr. Hayes presented Tuesday night, and we posted yesterday.

The document also shows the redistricted in and out numbers what we mentioned in an earlier post. We would still like to hear the explanation for Cove showing a net gain of zero, while all other schools average 50 more students. We're guessing it might have something to do with the large number of preschool classes at Cove, which don't seem to be reflected in the in and out numbers. But that's just a guess.

UPDATE: Dr. Hayes explains the Cove In and Out numbers this way: In his previous version, he had too many kids at Cove, and too high an F&R percentage at Hannah. By moving one bordering neighborhood from Cove to Hannah, he solved both problems.

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kidsfirst said...

Who is making up these transfer plans...I heard it was the transportation director for the city. Why would they outplace 12, 5th graders from Cove and bring 8 new 5th graders in. Why would educators do this to our kids in the last year of the elementary school years. My child is supposed to go to Hannah where 5th grade class size in 29.5 while Cove stays at 22.5 even with 8 kids coming in! How frustrating and as we have seen before - the kids affected come last; not first.