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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's the Vote Count?

There is one more point from last night's meeting that we failed to note amid all the focus on the Mayor's actions, that was also not mentioned in either newspaper account of the meeting.

Both Karen Fogerty and Paul Manzo plainly stated that they planned to vote against the Superintendent's proposal. This is the first public pronouncement we have heard from any of the members on how they would vote. We can only assume, based on his comments and actions last night, that Mayor Scanlon also will vote against it, albeit for different reasons. That means at least 3 out of 7 will vote against it. One more, and it's dead.

If they do indeed vote against it, what does that mean at this late date, and what happens next? Does that leave only Scanlon's plan? We have no idea, but if anybody has any theories, or facts on that, it would be worth noting.

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5/16 UPDATE: Friday's Salem News has some answers:

School Committee members will hash out the details at a meeting, tentatively scheduled for 7:30 Tuesday night at City Hall, and eventually someone will move to vote on one of the plans. If it doesn't pass, they'll vote on the other plan.

If neither passes, "I'll lock the doors until we agree on something," School Committee President Annemarie Cesa said. "We have to come to a consensus."