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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

School Committee May Vote Wednesday

The Salem News reports that the School Committee plans to vote Wednesday on the Superintendent's reconfiguration plan. A community group that has studied the proposal will report at tonight's Joint Council Meeting that it supports the plan as "the best of all the options" after studying five alternative plans.

The Wednesday vote won't be the final vote on the budget, but will signal where the full School Committee stands on the plan. With the community group's support, this plan seems to be the only viable option left on the table, short of voter approval of the override.

Tonight's Joint Council Meeting will be at 7:00 pm at North Beverly Elementary School. Wednesday's School Committee meeting is at 7:30 in Room 164 of the Memorial Building. Both meetings are open to the public.

UPDATE: While the Salem News reported that the Committee was "poised" to vote Wednesday, we have not been able to confirm that they will.

Items reported to be on the agenda tonight:
  • "News" from Dr. Hayes
  • Jim Latter will speak about the special committee's findings
  • City Solicitor will report about the School Committee's legal obligation to submit a balanced budget to the City Council

Items reported to be on tomorrow's agenda

  • Discussion (and possible vote) on elementary reconfiguration plan
  • Discussion of what will happen if the override passes
  • Budget Draft update

BevCam will NOT carry Tuesday's meeting live, but plans to tape and run it Wednesday at 7:00. There are currently no plans to cover Wednesday's meeting.

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