This site aims to inform and mobilize Beverly parents to take an active role in all issues related to the funding and operation of the city's schools. It was launched in the spring of 2008, when the city saw its first-ever override attempt fail, followed by the closure of a nearly-new elementary school. Subsequent years have seen further cuts that have led to larger class sizes across the district. While the opening of an impressive new high school and plans to replace the city's aging middle school give us reason to be optimistic, the school community must be ever vigilant in demanding appropriate school funding by city and state governments, and better community communications from the district and School Committee.

Monday, March 31, 2008

This is Our Community!

Last Friday morning a group of concerned parents got together at the Cove Community Center to really examine Dr. Hayes proposal and to look for solutions that might be better for our children and our community.

Susan Johnson, a Hannah parent and City Wide PTO representative, opened our meeting with a wonderful set of guidelines. I offer them up to the community at large:

  • We all want what is best for our children and the city of Beverly, recognizing that our individual agenda may need to be sacrificied for the greater good.

  • Dr. Hayes and the school committee have worked hard and creatively to deal with the shortages of money and we need to be respectful.

  • This problem/mess is bigger than the City of Beverly but we as the City of Beverly need to fix it. There are no state or federal solutions in immediate sight.

  • Everyone has an opinion. Everyone's opinion is welcome. We don't expect to agree. We do expect respect, civility, and a focus on what we can do.

  • Information/knowledge is power. Rumor is dangerous, devisive and destructive. No matter what school our children attend, the issues are the same.

  • We all have different gifts. With that in mind, bring your gifts to the table and do what you can to solve the problem.


Lauren said...

WELL SAID! I think it is so very important to NOT build up walls between neighborhoods. This is NOT a Cove problem, or a McKeown problem, or Centerville... This is a BEVERLY PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROBLEM!!
WE ALL, every parent of a child in the beverly schools need to work together to ensure that the QUALITY of our children's education is not compromised.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly put. I wish these could be read aloud on Tuesday.

elise said...

Bill Coughlin's email bounced back to me. Could someone find out if there is another email address for him. Thanks.

Paul R said...

I was deeply disappointed by the decision of the majority of Beverly voters who voted No to yesterday's override. I find their decision myopic and driven purely by self interest. In their current state of crazed euphoria, they fail to realize that due to their actions, they have directly contributed to the start of a long term decline in the quality of life in our town and the ramifications will eventually hit all of us. As the parents of 4 children, 3 of whom do not attend schools in Beverly, we supported this override out of civic responsibility and loyalty to the community. I am saddened that the dark and ignorant side of human nature prevailed last night and we are now seriously considering moving out of the community to a neighboring town. My respect for these people who appear normal and reasonably well balanced on the outside has diminished. Our thanks go out to all those who saw reason and gave their every effort to preserve the community we've built up over the years.

Respectfully yours

Paul and Maria R.
Old Planters Rd

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